We’re not going to beat cancer with subpar doctors.  It’s a tricky fight, and we want only the best in the ring.  Unlike other cancer practices, our staff wasn’t selected based off of who was available and nearby when we opened our doors.  

Our doctors are hand-selected for their excellent skill and compassion.  We believe that both of these traits are essential for what we do. Cancer is a battle that challenges all aspects of the psyche.  Having a doctor that is top of their field, with empathy on the top of their mind, is important to us.

We don’t confine our search to one geographic location.  We want only the best doctors, so we don’t limit ourselves. Our doctors come from all over the world, many of which have been with Cancer Specialists of North Florida for multiple years, with unmatched reputations.  Remember, our practice is physician owned, we aren’t going to let just any doctor be a part of what we do.