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How You Feel Is Our Focus

What is Canopy?

Have you ever felt lost in the medical system? Been unsure if what you are experiencing is “normal” but don’t know who to ask? We’ve all be there at one time or another as patients and/or caregivers. Those experiences, combined with over 30 years of caring for oncology patients, prompted us to find a solution.

We’re proud to announce the addition of CANOPY to our cancer fighting arsenal. This HIPAA compliant resource allows patients and their caregivers to monitor symptoms and ask questions in real-time.

With just a click on the app or a phone call, patients and their family members can be connected almost automatically to a member of our EXPAIN team, which consists of highly-experienced nurse case managers. Through the use of this innovative technology, EXPAIN will help the entire patient care team better track where support is most needed.

In addition to weekly check-ins for patients in active cancer treatment and 24/7 app and telephone reporting services, we’ve designated special “walk-in” appointment slots for anyone who may need an urgent visit with their physician. All of these services are available for both patients and their caregivers!

As we roll out this new program at each of our offices, members of our team will be available to assist patients and caregivers with downloading, signing up, and learning to use the app.

At CSNF we strive to stay on the forefront of the latest and greatest technologies and resources in order to give patients and their families’ piece of mind they need during the difficult journey of a cancer diagnosis. Cancer Doesn’t Care. We Do.