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What is a Nurse Navigator?

Nurse Navigators are Registered Oncology Nurses who help patients and their families through the complex world of cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care. Our Navigators work closely with our social workers and physicians to ensure that our patients understand and feel at ease with all steps of the treatment process.

Our process:

  1. The purpose of our nurse navigator program is to help facilitate your care.
  2. The Nurse Navigator will help coordinate the scheduling of  your tests, and specialist and surgical appointments as directed by your oncologist.
  3. The Nurse Navigator will help you understand your plan of care, review your appointments, and answer any questions that you have. She will be your primary point of contact throughout your appointments.
  4. All notes regarding appointments and conversations are kept in your Patient Portal electronic health record.
  5. The Nurse Navigator will follow your test results and plans from other specialists to coordinate with your oncologist. They will help you with the next steps in your care plan.

Services provided:

  • Educational and emotional support through face to face contact with patient and family before and after diagnosis.
  • Rapid scheduling and coordination of consultations with surgery, medical oncology, and radiation oncology.
  • Helpful information to patients about their specific cancer treatment options
  • Assistance in reviewing the advice of the patient’s doctor
  • Assistance in linking patients to support services offered through the American Cancer Society and other agencies, home health agencies, hospice, and support groups.
  • Access to various oncology literature’s

Meet Your Nurse Navigators

Sandy Haire, RN, OCN, CMSRN


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