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What is Theranostics?

Theranostics is a cutting-edge version of precision, or targeted, medicine that combines radiopharmaceutical therapies with diagnostic imaging.

The process begins with a targeted PET/CT scan in order to determine which protein receptors are found on a patient’s tumor sites.

Radiopharmaceuticals are linked to a cancer specific proteins, meaning that as the molecules travel through the body, they will deposit doses of radiation to their specific proteins wherever they are found. Some Theranostics are cancer specific, such as PSMA for prostate cancer and Lutathera Dotatate for neuroendocrine tumors, while others, like Xofigo, have a slightly broader target.

The goal of all targeted medicines is to reduce toxicity to surrounding, healthy tissue and create a better quality of life during the course of treatment and recovery. In general, patients find side effects to be both shorter and less intense than those of traditional chemotherapy.

Theranostics Available at CSNF

Specialized PET Scans Available at CSNF

F18 Bone Scan
Gallium-68 PSMA
Gallium-68 Dotatate
Copper-64 Dotatate

Meet the Theranostics Team

Richard Cassidy, MD, DABR

Radiation Oncology

Leah Mattox

Imaging Manager


Lead Tech


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