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Lu177 PSMA

For patients with prostate cancer.

What is Lutathera PSMA?

Lutathera-177 PSMA is a targeted radioactive molecule that attacks prostate cancer. PSMA stands for Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen and is expressed from the prostate cell’s surface, particularly in cases where the cancer has spread or become resistant to hormone therapy.

The first step is to get a diagnostic PET/CT using Gallium 68-PSMA which is special scan that can look for hidden prostate cancer sites throughout the body. If the Ga-68 PET/CT finds these cancer sites, then treatment with Lu-177 PSMA can be used. The Lu-177 PSMA is given via IV infusion over 5-6 minutes and does not require any special surgery or invasive procedures, making it easy on patients.

What does that mean for me?

In clinical trial, the use of Lu-177 has proven successful when patients were reevaluated at the median follow-up timeframe of 20.9 months. In addition, because the treatment is specifically targeted to PSMA expressing prostate cancers, the risk of serious adverse effects are low compared to more traditional drug options.