The human body is naturally inclined to fight cancer cells.  Cancer immunotherapy activates your body’s own immune system to treat cancer and ramps up the body’s natural defense.  By stimulating the immune system, your body is able to more easily recognize cancer cells and fight them efficiently. The physicians at Cancer Specialists of North Florida are able to administer immunotherapy treatment by giving patients supplemental parts of the immune system, such as antibodies or proteins.  These also help boost the immune system’s natural defense against cancer.

Immunotherapy is a broad term that encompasses many different treatment options.  The underlying factor between them is using the immune system to combat cancer, either by altering it or by using substances found organically in the immune system.  

It is important to note that immunotherapy can be used in combination with other approaches, such as chemotherapy or even after surgery.  Conversely, immunotherapy may be deemed beneficial by your cancer doctor early on. Immunotherapy treatment is growing rapidly and is a huge advancement to the treatment of cancer.  It is absolutely worthwhile to ask your doctor if immunotherapy is a viable treatment option for your specific disease.