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Dr. Brian Deegan is board-certified in radiation oncology and practices at our Fleming Island and St. Augustine locations. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and Biology from Luther College, he enrolled in a joint-degree program at the University of Miami. There, he received his Doctor of Philosophy in Cancer Biology and his Doctor of Medicine.

Dr. Deegan completed his residency training at the University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center before joining CSNF’s growing radiation oncology department.

“It’s a tremendous privilege to take care of patients and their families during a difficult period in their life,” he says. “I appreciate that responsibility and opportunity to earn their trust during their care.”

Putting a focus on his patient’s personal values while caring for them allows him to further build that trust. “I aim to get to know my patients and find out what is important to them before explaining their treatment course,” he says.

When not in the office, Dr. Deegan enjoys traveling, watching sports, listening to music, and enjoying all of the outdoor activities North Florida has to offer with his wife and kids.

Curriculum Vitae


Radiation Oncology


American Society for Radiology and Oncology
American Medical Association
Texas Radiological Society
American Brachytherapy Society


The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


University of Texas Health Sciences Center


University of Miami School of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine
University of Miami School of Medicine
Doctor of Philosophy in Cancer Biology
Luther College
Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry & Biology


MD Anderson Cancer Survivorship Research Award
MD Anderson Trainee Research Day Bristol-Myers Squibb Award in Clinical Research
NCCN Oncology Fellows Recognition Program, National Comprehensive Cancer Network 22nd Annual Conference
ASTRO Abstract Award Winner – Basic/Translational Science


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