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Cutting-Edge Radiation Technology to Keep Your Organs Safe

By May 4, 2020March 30th, 2021No Comments


CSNF is excited to introduce an innovative technology to our radiation oncology treatment program — Active Breathing Coordinator (ABC) by Elekta. ABC is a cutting-edge technology aimed at keeping patients’ organs safe, thus reducing complications and side effects from radiation treatment. This type of technology is used on breast cancer to reduce the dose to the heart, liver tumors, and GI cancers, as well as a multitude of other treatment sites that are affected by movement associated with breathing.  

ABC allows the radiation oncologist to monitor the patient’s breathing through a series of “breath-holds.” As we breathe, our internal organs move. This breath-hold stops organs from moving into high-dose radiation fields during treatment, thus making radiation safer. Prior to each daily radiation treatment, the physician confirms normal organ and tumor position with breathing and ABC breath-hold. Using ABC in this way eliminates normal organ movements and prevents damage to surrounding organs and healthy tissue. It also allows more reliable treatment of a tumor that may otherwise move with breathing. 

ABC adds the extra sophistication of reproducibly and reliably having the patient hold their breath the same way and for the same amount of time with each treatment. It works by having the patient hold their breath for a comfortable period of time, which is customized to the patient’s ability. The doctor then sets a breath-hold-level that the patient must reach for each treatment, making treatment more reproducible, accurate, and safe. This technology allows for the radiation treatments to be more precise, which increases tumor killing while keeping radiation treatments safer.

Active Breathing Coordinator at CSNF (Recommended by Radiation Oncologists)

“Active Breathing Coordinator is an amazing technological advancement in modern-day oncology that allows the radiation oncologist to monitor the patient’s breathing pattern, allowing aggressive treatment to the tumor while keeping the surrounding critical organs safe. This revolutionary technique leads to more cures and less side effects. At CSNF, we are proud to offer this cutting-edge technology to our local community, which is vital for great patient care.” Emily Tanzler, MD, DABR, Radiation Oncologist

Patients at Cancer Specialists of North Florida are now being treated with Active Breathing Coordinator by Elekta and are experiencing safer, more effective care during their radiation treatments. Since more than half of cancer patients are required to be treated with radiation during their course of treatment, using technology such as ABC will keep the patient safe, healthy, and on track to getting better quicker.  

If you want to know more about radiation oncology and how it can help you through your cancer treatment, contact us at CSNF.