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Cheryl Plotkin is a Physician Assistant at our Riverside office. She has lived in Jacksonville since she was 2 years old and has raised her family here. Over the past 24 years as an oncology PA, she has seen tremendous changes in treatment and life expectancy.

“Many cancers are now treated like chronic illnesses,” she says. “It’s comforting to me and the patients to have seen this change.” Cheryl loves forming special relationships with her patients.  Her philosophy when it comes to helping patients is that she is there to help.

“A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. We have a team approach to treatment and recovery.”  Cancer has affected her life personally, therefore, she is an advocate for genetic counseling and early detection through enhanced screening. Several of her family members have a mutation for colon cancer. “I wish every patient could know that this is not just a job for me.  I share in your sorrow and your triumph. You have impacted my life as I hope I have yours,” she says.

Cheryl loves to bake and exercise, and when not in the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.

Curriculum Vitae


National Commission of Physician Assistants


University of Florida
Bachelor of Science in Health
University of Florida
Physician Assistant