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Jill Ligon is a registered dietitian working at our Beaches, Fleming, Southside, and St. Augustine offices. Jill loves helping people improve their quality of life through nutrition, saying that “the food we eat affects our mood, energy level and immune system”. She became a dietitian after her father was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and she and her mother found that eating healthier foods allowed her father to live with the disease for four years without missing a day of work or catching a cold. Nutrition so positively impacted her father’s quality of life that she wanted to continue helping others in similar conditions. Jill wants everyone to realize that she’s not judging you by your food choices. “Everyone needs to have foods in their diet that they enjoy,” she says, “if you can make nutritious food choices at least 80% of the time, you are doing well”. When not in the office, Jill enjoys cooking, hiking and camping, and gardening her over 100 different fruits and vegetables with her husband.