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CSNF Team Featured in “Oncolytics Today”

By March 30, 2021No Comments

“The modern-day oncology clinic is vastly different from what it was a decade ago. ten years ago, the majority of treatments were parenteral and were given in the hospital setting….

Oral oncolytics are here to stay and will form a backbone of various cancer regimens. We, as the oncology community, will have to be creative and resourceful as we incorporate them into treatment landscape.” – Bijoy Telivala, MD

Telivala, B. (Spring 2021). Coordinating Combination Regimens: A Primer on an Emerging Trend in Oncology. Oncolytics Today.

“I thought it was really easy to participate in and did not require much on our part other than discussing the PQI and how we are using it,” Wigelsworth said. “I thought it was beneficial because it make us more knowledgeable about all of the PQI’s out there, especially those on the IV side.”


Blackmon, G. (Spring 2021). NCODA, The Medically Integrated Team & PQI: Leading the Way to Better Patient Care. Oncolytics Today.

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