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Ayed Among Collaborators in International Bispecific Antibodies Study

By May 14, 2024June 13th, 2024No Comments

Cancer Specialists of North Florida physician, Dr. Ayed Ayed, was among the top collaborators in an international bispecific antibodies study, the results of which were published the American Society of Hematology’s highly esteemed Blood Journal.

According to Dr. Ayed:

“Bispecific antibodies are a new class of cancer-fighting drugs that engage the immune system to attack cancer. These drugs work by bringing the immune cells and cancer cells closer to one another to unleash a more potent immune response.

While such drugs are promising in their ability to fight cancer, they can also cause potentially serious side effects. Therefore, it is important to administer them in a systematic way to ensure close patient monitoring and early detection of side effects. This scientific paper explores various recommendations to safely give these drugs in the community setting, thereby expanding patient access to advanced cancer treatments.”

The full, published report can be found in the link below:

Consensus recommendations on the the management of toxicity associated with CD3xCD20 bispecific antibody therapy

Congratulations, Dr. Ayed, and thank you for your continued work in the fight against cancer!